Community Networks

Vero Fiber Networks builds and operates networks for community organizations. These fiber networks bring the latest in technology to key community anchor institutions such as schools, healthcare, local government and leading businesses.


Education networks are the core of everything Vero does. Vero specializes in building and operating fiber networks for the K-12 segment and provides the most advanced, reliable and lowest cost networks.

Local Government

Like K-12, local governments have unique needs that can be best addressed with private fiber networks connecting government sites.


With advances in electronic medical records, genetic research and provider communications systems, the demands on Healthcare network infrastructure have never been higher. A private fiber network from Vero is a secure and scalable solution to connect facilities within a metro area allowing the IT systems to operate as if they were on the same campus.


Businesses are often the economic heartbeat of the community. Businesses with several locations in the community can benefit from directly connecting locations with private fiber.

Open Access Networks

Vero’s networks are open access, which means that Vero supports other service providers by offering Fiber Infrastructure at low costs to foster better service and pricing to the community through competition.

Fiber to the Home

FTTH providers are able to address more neighborhoods by leveraging Vero’s dark fiber networks.


With wireless data usage skyrocketing, cellular networks are dependent upon fiber networks to backhaul data traffic from towers. With a competitive fiber network, providers are able to offer better coverage and bandwidth in the community.

Data Centers

Fiber networks help attract data centers which provide great jobs and important property tax revenues to the community.


Open Access networks enable a variety of telecommunication providers to lease dark fiber to service more customers and foster innovation and lower costs.